Westpac has spotted the opportunity to gain a share of this lucrative clean tech pie by lending to the industry

The company also sees it as an opportunity to bolster New Zealand’s international economic competitiveness; Westpac NZ has been increasingly prioritising clean tech and is warming to its role of being the major supporter of business in this space.Identifying clean tech and environmental services as a long term growth sector, Westpac NZ’s head of sustainability, Grant Fleming, says its key areas of focus are four fold.Firstly, providing lending to clean tech companies to help them grow their business. This lending spans renewable energy, green buildings, water, waste and forestry services, as well as innovative, emerging green businesses.

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Despite the suppression of testosterone, changes in muscle strength were comparable to the effects of resistance exercise interventions in healthy older adults not on ADT.35 Further, changes in muscle endurance and functional capacity indicated that ADT treated men may carry out functional daily activities with less fatigue following resistance exercise regimes and could partially explain the reduced levels of fatigue in resistance trained men reported by Segal et al.13 The results also indicated that muscle thickness increased at the quadriceps site and whole body lean mass by DXA was preserved with no change in fat mass. Considering that detrimental alterations in body composition are well established side effects from ADT, these results provide support for the role of resistance exercise to preserve body habitus and enhance physical function in prostate cancer authentic nfl jerseys patients undergoing therapy.Cardiovascular exerciseAlthough a number of studies have utilized cardiovascular exercise programs in other cancer groups,9, 12 only Windsor et al.36 have examined the effects of a cardiovascular training mode incorporating a home based walking program, at least 3 days of each week at 60 maximum heart rate, in prostate cancer patients initiating a 4 week external beam radiotherapy program. In this randomized controlled trial, 66 patients were assigned to standard care (control) or an exercise group.

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