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Waugh was referring to Taylor batting first in gloomy weather in the Ashes Test at Old Trafford in 1997. In conditions screaming out for a fast bowling onslaught on the opening morning, Waugh made one of the toughest hundreds of his career, a dogged 108 in the only innings above a half century. Australia scrounged out a total of 235, rolled England for 162 and ended up winning by 235 runs after Waugh supported Taylor with another ton in the second dig.. Cheap Oakleys

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Of course, you also get the stuff that a bit more serious and in depth. The think pieces that ask the important geopolitical questions like, Kate's winning smile set Australia Republican cause back 30 years? These are invariably written with a strong pro royal slant and (as is entirely correct in the surreal world of royal coverage) and they take it as a given that a democracy 12,000 miles from the UK wanting to elect its own head of state is a ridiculous idea. It like a fluffy version of the religious debate in the US. 

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