washing machines after 254 fires

washing machines after 254 fires in one year

Businessman Geoff Williams, 56, and wife Andrea, a physiotherapist, arrived home to find a washing machine had caused 40,000 fire and smoke damage to their 20 room historic farmhouse in Edgmond, near Newport.

“They had to take the ceiling down. It was cheap jerseys so damaged,” said Geoff (56), whose three storey home, dating back to 1745, is still under repair four months later.

The fire triggered a burglar alarm as windows cracked from the intensity of the heat. Fortunately neighbours heard the noise and used a hosepipe through a vent to put out the fire.

They then got hold of a spare key to rescue the family’s two trapped pets.

We aim to reduce domestic fires by 20 per cent in five years from an average of 248 a year down to 186. It is a massive challenge and we have failed so far in reaching the target.

A rise in single households, more over 65′s living alone and an increase in internet shopping to buy cheaper goods may be partly to blame. Fires in washing machines and dryers have increased massively from five to 28, he said.

There has also been an increase in computers every room with cheap electrical chargers, overloaded sockets and frayed wiring causing fires.

Check the condition of your wiring This should be done when you move http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ into a new home and then once every 10 years.

Check your sockets regularly if you see burn marks or they feel hot, get a registered electrician to check them.

Be careful when using hand held electrical equipment. Make sure you switch off and unplug when you have finished. This is important with items that get hot, for instance hairdryers or curling tongs, as they may come into contact with materials that can catch fire (like curtains).

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