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In lieu of an actual plot point to analyze, Entertainment Weekly offered a perhaps less than satisfying online poll: “Who do you think was killed last night on the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead?’” Imagine an equally infuriating cinematic parallel had the final minutes of “The Usual Suspects” been cut: Who do you think Keyser Sze is?

The http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ show’s Season 6 finale wasn’t a debacle a la the finales of “Seinfeld” or “The Sopranos” after all, this story isn’t over. But on a show often praised for its “no one is safe” ethos, it appeared the cast was all too safe. Sure, many friends of Rick have been dispatched by enemies living and undead since “The Walking Dead” ambled on to the air in 2010. Lori is gone, as are Shane and Hershel and Andrea and T Dog, to name but a few. And the much discussed, heretofore unseen bat wielding bad boy Negan seems prepared to dispatch even more.

Still, many of the AMC blockbuster’s central protagonists are starting to look a little unkillable as they survive zombie horde after killer flu after well planned military style incursion by heavily armed, living unfriendlies. Rick, cheap jerseys of course, walks on, as does his son Carl, and Rick’s old friend/new love interest Michonne. The show feinted at killing Glenn earlier this season, then took it back and, after Sunday, now seems to be feinting at killing him again. But will anyone actually bite the dust? And when?

There are also inevitable questions of identity politics. Though its main protagonist and its “face” are white, “The Walking Dead” sports a relatively diverse cast. There are characters of color, even if some have wondered if the show can only handle one black man at a time. There are gay characters though, for the record, one recently got an arrow through the eye. (Even Merritt Wever’s Emmy, it seemed, could not protect her/Denise on those railroad tracks). When someone who’s not a white male dies on “The Walking Dead,” it’s a bit like an entire demographic is getting voted off the island.

The comic, the brand, race and gender is all this too much for “The Walking Dead’s” showrunners? After all, a series that started six years ago with a modest six episodes just aired its 83rd, and occasionally gets a bit creaky. Remember when Daryl and Carol sort of seemed to be an item but then definitely weren’t? Or when Carol was an unrepentant killer until she suddenly seemed traumatized by all the killing she had done? Or when Rick was a sheriff who became a killer who became a farmer who became a killer who became a community leader who became a killer again?

With such a murderers’ row of aces in its bullpen, ‘The Walking Dead’ shouldn’t have to resort to throwing the creative equivalent of junk pitches.

Brian Lowry, Variety

“With such a murderers’ row of aces in its bullpen, ‘The Walking Dead’ shouldn’t have to resort to throwing the creative equivalent of junk pitches,” Brian Lowry wrote at Variety. “And that’s why despite its highlights, the finale simply drove home the sense that while this season wasn’t a complete swing and a miss, those in charge continue to make aggravating unforced errors.”.

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