plus best bargain on tap for holiday fuel

plus best bargain on tap for holiday fuel

Those numbers compared to the statewide pendulum that saw lows of around $1.90 a gallon and highs touching $3 hovering across the St. Louis area. The low in Kansas hovered around $1.95, with a statewide average there of $2.31 a gallon.

One area store expects business to pick up today as more motorists hit the road for the next phase of holiday travel.

“It’s been a little surprising to me so far,” said Julie Pohl, assistant manager of Casey’s in Wathena citing a lower amount of activity likely due to attention focused on local festivals. “I expect our gas purchases to go up on Sunday.”

The OPIS said this holiday weekend will mark the lowest price of gas for this time since 2004 citing low oil prices and a thus far calm hurricane season that has allowed the industry to flow easily with production from its gas and diesel refineries.

The national average of gas dropped to $2.44 on Thursday or almost a dollar cheaper than in 2014.

For most drivers, the savings will amount to roughly $15 in savings for a usual fill up of the tank.

Two state analysts remarked on the factors cheap jerseys influencing the major price drops currently seen at convenience stores.

“Crude oil prices are low because of a glut in supply resulting in low pump prices,” said Ron Leone, executive director of the Missouri Petroleum Marketers Convenience Store Association in Jefferson City.

“Here in the Midwest,” Mr. Leone added, “we are almost always 10 to 20 cents per gallon below the national average due to our abundance of refined product and high degree of retailer competition, both of which benefit the consumer at the pump.”

The national average price of gasoline $2.42 on Saturday fell 17 days in a row in one recent period, said AAA. The organization’s office in St. Louis said the average in St. Joseph landed at $2.38, versus $3.19 a year ago. Missouri’s latest average was $2.22 a gallon.

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