Is first and foremost

Is first and foremost, a seaside community, with many of the buildings and people reflecting this. There are many inland lakes and green parks such as Washington Park Arboretum available in this city as well. The geography is hilly and covered with beaches such as Pritchard Island and Madison Park Beach.

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I would say reach out for help. I think the bravest thing you can do if you are going through something or being targeted is to ask for help and ask and share what’s going on. I would say know that you’re not alone because there are so many people that are going through the same thing.

Granddad told me about some of the toughest ladies I’d ever heard about from Dawson Creek. They were barmaids named Black Betty, for her raven locks, and Red Betty who had auburn hair.
Both were tough as nails and didn’t cotton to any guff taking from their clientele which wasn’t exactly what I would call progressive or liberal minded..

According to an American Research Group survey, 52 percent of likely voters back Brown, a state senator, with 45 percent supporting Coakley, the state’s attorney general. Meanwhile, 2 percent back Joseph Kennedy, a third party candidate who is not related to the late senator. The 7 point advantage for Brown is just within the poll’s sampling error..

Motorola provided a black RAZR test phone to use with Razrwire, but I didn’t use it, preferring instead to try the sunglasses headset combo on an older silver RAZR phone and also on a Motorola A780 smart phone. Set up was a breeze and the system worked perfectly. Note that the headset uses Bluetooth 1.2 (backwards compatible) for less wireless interference and faster connections..

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