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Desert Regional Medical Center received 14 patients, with five in critical condition and three in serious condition. Eisenhower Medical Center received 11 passengers, all with minor injuries. JFK Memorial Hospital received five patients, who are still being evaluated.

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That approach, however, takes this whole charade way too seriously. This is not a difficult case about legislative intent it’s an argumentative case about politics. There’s nothing wrong with arguing against Obamacare, of course, or arguing that America would be better off without it.

I came home with 15 albums of some of the most important orchestral music ever composed, played by the world’s greatest orchestras in their prime Boston Symphony Orchestra under Pierre Monteux, the Philadelphia Orchestra under Eugene Ormandy, the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York under Leonard Bernstein. Gold, in other words. Hours and hours of it for 15 bucks.

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