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Additionally, the companies that provide energy to the people are overcharging due to the vital role electricity plays in modern society.Finally, the infrastructure associated with energy generation and transportation is costly, prone to failure resulting in blackouts, and susceptible to attacks in areas experiencing conflict and violence. In order to rectify these problems is Monkeytech International LLC, a small tech startup that promises to provide clean and cheap power with their brand new Air to Electricity Microgrid.This innovative piece of technology combines a renewable energy source and portability to create a truly versatile energy generation and storage system. Every self contained unit has the ability to generate and store energy using renewable resources found in the atmosphere as well as compressed heat.

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“In times like these, value is key to everything we do as a chamber,” said Roy Williams, president and CEO of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. “From attracting new business, retaining and fostering growth with our current companies to attracting conventions and visitors, the number one factor on everyone’s mind is value. Affordability isn’t always about being the cheapest, it is also about the quality you get for your dollar.”.

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