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But the plummeting cost of oil and the resulting instability of the Canadian economy could hurt domestic demand and spell bad news for resort areas such as the Okanagan, which rely on people from Alberta buying vacation homes.Dan Scarrow, vice president of corporate strategy at Macdonald Realty Ltd., who is based in Shanghai for the Vancouver real estate company, said he has been talking to clients in mainland China about the dropping Canadian dollar and what it means for their plans to buy real estate in Vancouver.”From their perspective, it’s nothing but good news because it means a 20 per cent decrease in prices in renminbi terms. Even clients who a year ago thought the market was overvalued are seeing more of a bargain now. It’s just the reality,” he said.”I was talking to a client yesterday who has been looking at a (Vancouver) property for a month.

Q: I prefer to wholesale nfl jerseys take my lunch to work, but sometimes my homemade meals cost more money than the lunch specials at some places. How can I brown bag and save?A: Fast food super value meals and lunchtime restaurant specials can be great for the wallet, but they’re not always great for the waistline. Learn how to keep both your spending and your stomach slim with these tips for preparing inexpensive, take to work meals.Buy in bulk and freeze.

Again, this being Aurora, it would be easy to assume that wherever they’ve gone, they’re up to no good. That’s right: a mere 65 cents for a pint wholesae jerseys of Busch, which she shrewdly rounded up from 62.5 (capitalism, baby). I felt like I was drinking during the Depression with an aristocrat’s wallet, so I drank a lot.

To quit taking the money, um, our money!Ron Kriel, AuburnBentley was right with his remarksI write in response to your editorial of Thursday. I was disturbed that Gov. wholesae jerseys Robert Bentley apologized for his “unfortunate remarks” made in Montgomery recently.

The projects are of a different nature and come with larger budgets. My duties cheap jerseys are more client facing, which involves management of internal resources, design schedules and budgets. Previously I was part of architectural production with most of my time spent at the drawing board..

One recent and highly publicized enforcement action in Richmond involves a large, unpermitted commercial horse stable (Horses in Richmond? December 2, 2016). Many critics of the enforcement action wholesale nfl jerseys have urged the City to back off (“The horses aren’t bothering anybody, and ” This is the only place that an ordinary blue collar person can afford to board a horse.” Well, the stables aren’t just for horses. Horse owners and care givers are in there all the time, including children.

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